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For Kids & Families: 

Coping Skills

As a prior member of an Equity Leadership Team, completing a social justice focused masters program, and working with diverse populations, I advocate for those who's voices are not always being heard. During counseling I use active listening, silence, and humility to stay aware of my own biases as a  cis-gendered white woman.  I believe in having hard conversations if misunderstandings or microaggressions occur and am dedicated to  maintaining a safe counseling space for Black, Brown, Latin(x), Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ people.   

*I understand I will not be the right fit for each client, and that having a counselor of your own gender, race, culture, sexuality, background etc. is extremely valuable. I am currently gathering a referral list for Black, Brown, Latin(x), Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ counselors. 

If you want to be placed on my referral list contact me here: 

LGBTQ+ Advocate

I founded and lead my schools A to Z club (also known as Gay Straight Alliance) and have worked closely with LGBTQ+ students. In group settings and one on one we explore identity, address bullying, empower individuals to be more themselves, and bring awareness to the LGBTQ+ community.



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