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More About Jessica


Human First

I believe through sharing parts of who we are with one another we find the confidence to truly grow and be more our selves. As humans, knowing someone's story helps us connect, build empathy, and leads to healing.


I will always prioritize confidentiality and professionalism with you or your child/teen while also being my authentic self. 


Jessica's Authentic Self Includes: 

  • Being a hula hoop dancer and teacher. 

  • Humor and silly faces.

  • Nature Walks with my son. 

  • Proud cat mom! 

  • Snowboarder & Rollerblader

  • Favorite Food-Taco (all kinds).

  • Favorite Color-Teal.

  • Favorite Snack-Popcorn.

  • Favorite Animal- Penguin.

Why I Originally Became a School Counselor: 

I became a school counselor because of the loss of my father at age fourteen. As I grieved and tried to navigate the world without my Dad I leaned heavily on my freshman year school counselor for support.


I am thankful to have experienced grief, and to have found profound meaning in my fathers passing. My school counselor was truly there for me in one of the hardest moments and inspired me to show up to support my clients today. 

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