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Micellar Water

More About Jessica

Human First

I believe through sharing parts of who we are with one another we find the confidence to grow and be more our selves. Knowing someone's story helps us connect, build empathy, inspires healing, and can nudge us toward a radically more honest and awesome world. I will always prioritize confidentiality in the therapy space while also being my full authentic self. 

Jessica's Authentic Self Includes: 

  • Being a hula hoop dancer and teacher. 

  • Humor and silly faces.

  • Miss spelled or made up words.

  • Nature adventures with my son. 

  • Proud cat mom! 

  • Snowboarder & Rollerblader

  • Talking in sound effects.


  • Food-Taco (all kinds).

  • Color-Teal.

  • Snack-Popcorn.

  • Animal- Penguin.

Water Ripple

I became a school counselor because of the sudden loss of my father, during my first week of high school, at the age of 14. As I grieved and tried to navigate the world without my Dad I leaned heavily on my school counselor for support, attending peer groups, one on one sessions, and still barley making it through the day.


I am thankful to have experienced grief, and to have found profound meaning in my fathers passing. My school counselor truly was there for me in one of the hardest moments of my life and inspired me to show up to support my students and clients today. 

Why I Originally Became a School Counselor: 

Floating in the Sea

Qualifications and Training


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA): Since 2022

  • National Board-Certified Counselor (NBCC): Since 2022 

  • School Counselor (ESA): 2018-Present

  • Masters in Education (MEd.) School Counseling

    • Social Justice Focus : 2018

  • ​Bachelors of Arts (BA) Sociology, Education System Focus: 2013


  • Nondivergent Affirming Care    

  • Trauma Focused CBT

  • Satir Family Therapy 

  • Liberation Psychology

  • LGBTQIA2S+ and Eating Disorders

  • Heart Math (Physical/Mental/Emotional Coherence) 

Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.- Anonymous

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